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domenica 23 maggio 2010

The Prayers of Morrnah Simeona in the process of Ho'oponopono

The Prayers of Morrnah Simeona  
in the process of 

Ho'oponopono is a resource and a knowledge of ancient cultivated in Hawaii, and is currently, according to many, the most effective way to solve any problem. The 'Ho'oponopono is, in these difficult times, a great treasure for humanity.

After accepting the idea that we are the sum of all the experiences of the recent and distant past already past lives, thoughts, feelings, words and actions, that our present life is the consequence of a decision heavily influenced by memories of these past, we begin to intuit and understand how the process of Ho'oponopono take a change in our lives.

Ho'oponopono makes a proper removal of old energies and blocking, the habitual thoughts, ancient and deep unconscious programming, of which not even imagine the existence, but continue to operate in the opposite direction to our self-determination and hinders our Love as a path towards the ultimate expression of being.

The main goal in our life is therefore to find the true Self-Identity, the proper place in the Universe and Everything.

In other words, the process of Ho'oponopono is the freeing of the self from all that is not love, allowing the self to remember again, and always, what was the beginning of his creation: a reflection of the Divine: only true Love.

The process works on the elimination of that impact generated by negative thoughts, words, emotions and actions vibrationally low. This kind of disharmony in their low energies as creating connections, similar to the strings, called AKA cords, blockers, engaging, and limiting between persons and things, making heavy our lives and our relationships.

Cleanse spiritually, mentally and physically through Ho'oponopono, which is based on love, forgiveness, repentance and transformation, to rebuild our lives again.

Ho'oponopono is argued that knowledge is born in ancient Lemuria (MU-earth) a continent submerged and disappeared thousands of years ago. It is hypothesized that Lemuria is like the iceberg of the submerged Polynesia. The islands now represent only the tips of this large iceberg.

It is said in some legends, confirmed in a famous lecture by Kryon channeled by Lee Carrol, who emerged Lemuria over a highly seismic area, dotted with hot spots in a zone plate tectonics, which sunk in the weather has forced the local population to transmigrate to other continents. It 'probably some Lemurian, numerologists experts, astronomers, philosophers and farmers of ancient knowledge and equipped with extrasensory powers, they then founded Atlantis, the old location which is controversial because of continental drift and shift the earth's crust.

Recent developments of Ho'oponopono first with the assistance of Dr. Hew Len, a pupil of the shaman Nalamaku Morrnrah Simeona and later with Joe Vitale who, as a marketer, She's dealt with the disclosure by publishing the book "Zero Limits" ( ed. The meeting point), have much simplified the procedure of this process, to make it affordable for many ..

Today you said you just need to play, frequently, the keywords of Ho'oponopono
as if they were mantras, - in this case and I LOVE, FORGIVENESS, I'M SORRY, THANKS, or as others suggest the order: I'm Sorry, Forgive, I love you, thanks, or other variants (sorry, I'm sorry, I forgive you, etc.) - to trigger the transformation in our lives.

Personally, I devised a sung Italian variant of these 4 words / mantra: TI AMO, PERDONO, MI DISPIACE, GRAZIE (I LOVE, FORGIVENESS, I'M SORRY, THANK YOU), which has become a fixture on the practice and Monday and Thursday evening, a virtual group on facebook:

In reality, the process of Ho'oponopono, as practiced Shaman Morrnah Simeona, is far more detailed and goes back to the ancient tradition of Hawaiian rigorously. These have survived a kind of cultural inquisition made ​​by those Christian missionaries who landed in those islands, and fortunately have been passed down orally through the shamanic local school, which officially represents the Morrnah, and for many, the last real custodian.

I wanted to collect a mini-ebook this process and this resource - which is not entirely new (web source) - conceived as an appendix - and herein lies the novelty - a New Audio Guided Meditation, at the moment only for Italian language, to the process of Ho'oponopono.

I am the "I"
I come forth from the void into the Light.
I am the wind that brings life.
I am that emptiness,
that hollowness beyond all Consciousness,
The "I", the "Id", the "All".
Drawing my bow of rainbows across the waters,
the continuum of minds with matters.
I am the invisible, intangible, elusive breeze,
the undefinable atom of creation,
I am the "I"

The Shaman Nalamaku Morrnah Simeona (1913-1992) was used to start, with the statement above, their claims of divine intervention in the process of Ho'oponopono, updated to the true identity of the 3 Self :
"Aumakua, Uhane, Unihipili: as ONE."

The text of this Meditation is freely downloadable in pdf format. It 'a resource that you can share on Blogs and forums provided that its content does not change anything, because the translation and adaptation to the resulting Meditation with Voice Guide represent my personal choice and interpretation. It is strongly recommended to perform during meditation - with a break for those who will use the audio files - the 7 steps of breathing (known as HA), the ancient Hawaiians as suggested, or anticipating the deep breathing exercise in the process of Ho'oponopono Hawaiian.

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