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sabato 15 gennaio 2011

Delete negative energy from your home and yourself

This is a Mantra, a cleaner vital energy, an important resource to self-help, trasform yourself and our old energy. Made to cleaning and deleting all negative energies around.

OM is a sound AUM; it is really triune, where

A is Shiva.

U Shakti

M is the light of creation, the first sound, but also becomes Maya, the Manifested and the created

NA is the earth.

MA is water,

SHI is the Fire

VA is the air

YA is the fifth element, Ether or field, or zero point or area / field of Zero Point.

The 2nd level is even deeper and more engaging and powerful and you can get it with a small donation from those who want to have the most effective means to put into play whenever you want to turn your own energy field.


You can download it from Internet with password at the link below:

You'll receive the password in mail after your contribute.

A suggested contribution in order to receive free email and password and proceed to the download from the network can run from this key below:


It 's a dynamic meditation, and you can use it at least three ways:

1) As you jog, slow pace for a run short, or supported with large strides, depending on your workout; or also while Gym during workout.

2) Bike while cycling and transforme with the effort to benefit the vital energy inside your body.

3) In room. Stand up looking west. The west is the past, gone and finished the day, what is no longer in our present. The sun sets on the West and this is the final of a part of us. That part we want to give up, turn toward our "I AM" different from the past.

At Home you turn on the audio file 3 times:

1° play/sound) Vibrate and tremble. Stand up, ear to ear. During the first 4 minutes of play let go of your arms down, to its weight. Vibrate your body as if you're connected to electricityt high voltage, possibly on your legs waved wildly, you can skip if you like, but it's better to keep your feet well planted on the floor and swayed like a young sapling in the wind prey to the elements, to lightning, the lightning. Vibrate, swayed wildly, move, release energy much as you can.

2° play/sound) Sway and swing. During the second play for 4 minutes, swayed slowly, as in the throes of an instinctive and soft dance. As the high branches of a large tree blown by the wind and carried in each direction but firmly attached to its trunk. Your feet are firmly rooted and the soil. During this listening repeat yourself: I am strong, I am brave, I am determined.

3° play/sound) Stop and Immobilize. During the third play of the file (globally three phases of about 12 minutes little) stop. Stay up with your eyes closed, meditating on the statements: I'm strong , I am brave, I am determined.

You can also listen again at any other time, but its best use is with dynamic meditation.

This 2th level require a contribution. Click on "Donazione" on TOP on the left to my Blog. More Details with mail. Please mail me here . Thank you. Richi.

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